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Safety Awards
Safety awards are presented to our bus drivers in recognition of 5, 10, 15, 20, and 25 years of safe driving.  These awards are presented in September of each year.

Ian McLean.

Luke Farago.

Ted Anderson.

John Dreher.

John Brownbridge.

Al Hildebrand.

Chris Stefanik.

Danielle Schmidt.

left to right: Wayne Weninger/Kelly Blasco (5 yrs), Gary Kozub/Mark Lang (10 yrs), Helmut Theisman (15 years).

Norm Boyer receives his 5 Year Safe Driver Award.


Left to right - John Schouten, MaryAnn Richard, Avril Pittenger, Alex Vieira and Monique Whyte receive their 5 Year Safe Driver Awards.


Left - Bruce Johnson receives his 20 year Safe Driver Award.
Centre - Brian Fears receives his 15 year Safe Driver Award.
Right - Don Heathcotte receives his 20 Year Safe Driver Award.