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Rider Rules


Flashing Red Lights Mean STOP

(This includes at our schools and in our bus lanes)

Safety is Everyone's Responsibility


Central Okanagan Public Schools SD23 – Transportation Services




  1. Students should be at the bus stop 5 minutes before scheduled pickup time.
  2. Passengers must remain seated while the bus is in motion.
  3. Always sit facing forward with your feet in front of you.
  4. Do not put arms, hands or head out the window.
  5. Do not throw garbage/objects on the floor or out the window.
  6. Loud or noisy behavior is prohibited, as this is distracting to the Bus Driver.
  7. The aisle of the bus must be kept clear at all times.
  8. Possession/use of drugs, tobacco, vape pens or alcohol, on the school bus is prohibited.
  9. Guest riders must obtain approval to ride from the bus driver and provide written permission from the parent.
  10. Parent permission is required before a passenger may be dropped off at an alternate stop.
  11. Musical Instruments may be permitted on the school bus provided the student can hold the instrument in their lap or store it under the seat. Please check with your bus driver before bringing band instruments onto the school bus.

Articles NOT Permitted on the School Bus

Skis & poles, Snowboards, Skateboards, Hockey Sticks, Animals or Pets, Firearms, Explosives, Combustible or anything of a dangerous nature that might endanger the lives or safety of others.

Division 11, Section 13 of the BC Motor Vehicle Act states:

(3) The driver of a school bus shall not

(a) allow any person to ride on the school bus unless the person is comfortably and securely seated on a passenger seat, or

(b) move the bus or cause it to move unless he is reasonably certain that every passenger on the bus is comfortably and securely seated.


(4) No person shall drive or operate on a highway, or allow or cause to be driven or operated on a highway, a school bus carrying more persons, including the driver, than the lesser of

(a) the number of persons who can be comfortably and securely seated, or

(b) the designated school bus seating capacity.



Although we do our best to ensure bus routes operate on schedule, situations arise on a daily basis, which contribute to delays or in rare circumstance, the cancellation of a bus route.

Parents should develop a safety plan and ensure their children understand what to do if the school bus is late or does not arrive at the bus stop.



Parents are required to register for email/text alerts regarding their child's school bus route


An example of a Family Safety Plan would be:

  1. Teach your child about traffic safety and whether driving or walking, establish a safe route to and from the bus stop.
  2. Discuss the bus rider rules and how to be safe at the bus stop while waiting for the school bus to arrive.
  3. Explain that they may have to wait UP TO 15 minutes, as the bus route may be delayed
  4. Have a safe location for your child to return to (home or a neighbor's), in the event the school bus does not arrive after 15 minutes, or if the delay has increased in time
  5. Stay informed! Sign up for email/text alerts regarding your child's bus route
  6. Contact Transportation at 250.870.5151 or provide an alternate contact for your child to call in an emergency.


*Many students have access to a mobile device. Show your child how to check the website for route delays, ensure they know their route number, who their bus driver is and provide contact information for Transportation Services.


Parents should also forward their child a copy of the bus pass to be stored on the child's mobile device and/or have a printed copy with them at all times.