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Eligibility Requirements

As per Board policy 470R riders are categorized as either eligible, courtesy or school of choice riders:



Eligible riders are students that reside further than the eligibility distances from their English Catchment School;


Eligibility Distance – To be eligible for school bus transportation students must be at least the distances set out below.


Elementary Schools - 3.0 kms

Middle School   - 4.0 kms

Secondary Schools - 4.8 kms


*Students who have been approved by Student Support Services as requiring transportation for special needs are prioritized in the seat assignment.


Use the following link to determine your child's distance to their English Catchment School:

Catchment Area Maps



Courtesy riders are those students who do not meet the eligibility criteria to their English Catchment School as set out above.


Courtesy riders are only assigned seats that are not required for eligible riders and are assigned based on the following priority, on a route by route basis:

  1. Elementary and Middle school students are assigned courtesy seats first based on distance to their English catchment school. If distance is the same, timestamp is the next criteria used.
  2. Secondary school students are assigned the remaining courtesy seats based on distance to their English catchment school.
  3. Courtesy riders who reside 2 kms or less from their English catchment school will not be provided school bus transportation.


Please note that due to eligibility distance changes, there will be a reduction of available courtesy seats for the 2021-22 school year. If you are applying for busing as a courtesy rider, parents are advised to have alternate arrangements in place for Transportation.



Unless a special route is approved by the Board of Education, busing is not provided for students to attend a school other than their English Catchment School.




Feb 16, 2021School Bus Registration Opens

Application received after Feb 16 will be processed in the order they were received and parents will be advised:

  1. If the student is eligible, the parent will be advised of their child's eligibility and receive confirmation that a seat will be assigned.
  2. If the student is a courtesy rider, the parent will be advised of their child's eligibility status and confirm that the application cannot be processed until July.
  3. If the student is a courtesy rider and resides 2 kms or less from their English catchment school, the parent will be advised that school bus transportation is not provided and we cannot assign a seat.


May 31, 2021School Bus Registration Closes
  1. Applications received on or before this date will be processed by July 31, 2021


June - August 15, 2021

School bus routes are confirmed

July  1 -31, 2021Courtesy Riders Applications Processed
  1. Courtesy Rider applications received before May 31 are processed
  2. If there is space available on the bus route, courtesy riders will be assigned to the route and parents will be advised that their child has been assigned a seat.
  3. If the route is at full capacity, parents will be advised that their child has not been assigned a seat for the upcoming school year.


August 15, 2021Late Applicants

a)       The District's goal is to respond to applications received after May 31, by August 15 or within 10 business days of the application, whichever is latest.

b)      Transportation staff cannot provide information on service status until after this time frame.

c)       If the application is for an eligible rider and seat space is available on the bus route, your child will be assigned a seat, however, the District cannot guarantee that late requests can be accommodated.


August 15 – 25, 2021Bus Route information is distributed
  1. Bus route and bus stop information is distributed to parents
  2. Email updates will only be distributed to the email address on the transportation application.
  3. Transportation fees will be added to parents School Cash  Online account.


School bus applications will not be processed for families that have past due school and transportation fees for the 2020-21 or earlier school years.

Please ensure that past due fees are paid or a fee subsidy is approved by your school, prior to registering for school bus transportation.