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Speech-Language Pathology


​Who qualifies for this service?

Students qualify for this service if they have significant delays or disorders in any of the following communication areas as determined by the Speech-Language Pathologist in consultation with the school-based team.  Services are provided for a wide range of students, including those with Ministry of Education designations.  Based on the "best practice" of early intervention, priority for service is given to students in the primary grades.  Consultation and/or direct services focus on:

    • understanding and using language related to vocabulary, concept
      development, grammar, sentence structure 
    • listening skills
    • social language skills
    • written language 
    • articulation 
    • fluent speech 
    • appropriate use of voice
    • use of augmentative and alternative communication

 Who provides the service?

 Description of staff qualifications:

    •  a Master’s Degree in Speech-Language Pathology
    •  a Registered member of the College of Speech and Hearing Health Professionals of BC

How is the Service Delivered?

Speech-language pathologists may: 
    • perform communication assessments 
    • adapt and create materials 
    • plan cooperatively with school staff 
    • plan speech-language programs for specific students 
    • provide skills training/direct therapy for small groups/individuals 
    • coach students in the classroom 
    • demonstrate specific strategies in the classroom 
    • develop augmentative and alternative communication systems 
    • conduct workshops for teachers, parents, and Certified Education Assistants (CEAs) 
    • consult with parents and community service providers 
    • consult with school-based teams