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School Psychology

​Who qualifies for this service?

Students qualify for this service if they:
    • have received various academic and/or behaviour interventions at school
    • have been assessed for academic achievement and/or screened for mental health issues within 6 months
    • have been referred by the school-based team

Who provides the service?

Description of staff qualifications:
    • certification from the BC College of Teachers
    • a master’s degree in school/educational psychology or a related field with a focus on school psychology
    • qualifies to apply to BCASP for membership OR qualifies to enter the certification process with BCASP

How is the service provided?

School psychologists may:
    • assist with pre-referral interventions
    • be a member of the school-based team
    • collaborate with school-based and district personnel to gather classroom based data
    • design and/or implement instructional strategies
    • design and/or implement behaviour management interventions
    • consult with teachers, parents, students, and community agencies regarding the nature of student’s strength and needs, their educational implications, and ways to enhance learning and behavior
    • assist with pre-referral interventions
    • provide psycho-educational assessments for students referred by the school-based team
    • contribute to the design and evaluation of the Individualized Education Plan
    • provide inservice training in the area of assessment and/or intervention
    • provide counselling services