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Resource Service

​Who qualifies for this service?

Students qualify for this service if they:

Who provides the service?

Description of staff qualifications:

    • certification from the BC College of Teachers
    • bachelors degree with advanced coursework in: 
      • student’s with exceptionalities 
      • specialized instruction methodologies and technology 
      • adaptation and modification of programs for students with intellectual disabilities 
      • functional life-skills and vocational development 
      • motivational techniques and behaviour management

How is the service provided?

Resource teachers may:

    • support students in inclusive classrooms
    • provide strategies
    • consult with the school-based team to review student needs and assist with problem-solving
    • provide resource materials, student instruction strategies, and assessment to support classroom teachers and students
    • help organize, maintain, and integrate services in the school and provide access to support services available at district level
    • develop and present or facilitate workshops/in-service to staff working directly with students who have special needs in the regular classroom
    • collaborate with the classroom teacher, parents, and other members of the school-based team to design Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) for assigned students
    • provide direct service to students
    • facilitate transition from one level of schooling to another and from school to adulthood
    • facilitate work experience placements and community access programs
    • train and direct the work of paraprofessionals who assist students with exceptionalities
    • consult with Provincial Outreach Programs
    • work with middle and secondary school counsellors to develop timetables for students receiving resource services
    • act as a case manager/liason between home/school and community service providers