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​Mission Statement

We believe trust relationships are the key to effective educational services. These relationships can only be built through honest, effective, respectful and frequent interpersonal contact. The needs of students are best met through a collaborative consultation approach where students and parents have the right to be, and should be, involved in the decision-making process and education of their children. Personal wants must become secondary to the needs of students. Therefore, a team of equal status educators working in a consensus or majority decision model is likely to be most effective.

Who provides the service?

In order to achieve the Province’s goals of education some children will require special education services. These children are identified by the School Based Team in consultation with parents and the following Provincially mandated criteria.

When a new child arrives or a learning difficulty is suspected the child's teacher and parents request help from the School Based Team and/or School District Consultants.  The School Based Team and/or School District Consultants meet with the Teacher and Parents to:

    • identify the problem
    • generate practical solutions
    • determine the best course of action
    • put it in writing (Individual Education Plan - I.E.P.)
    • implement the plan to help the child

The Individual Education Plan (I.E.P.)

Once children are identified as needing special education services, teachers, parents, and other care-givers come together to develop an Individual Education Plan (I.E.P.). An I.E.P. outlines what parents, students, and others can expect regarding a specific child’s educational program. It is a written plan which describes the program modifications and/or adaptations for the student. It does not describe every aspect of the student’s program. Usually two to four major goals are included. These goals refer to those parts of the program that need to be modified or adapted. The I.E.P is a tool to assist teachers in monitoring student progress and to provide a useful basis for reporting. It also identifies the support services to be provided and serves as an on-going record to ensure continuity in programming. Please see the resource teacher assigned to your school for the I.E.P. format.

When is an I.E.P. Meeting Called

The school is legally required to design an I.E.P. for each student who is designated using Ministry of Education guidelines. I.E.P. meetings are held at a teacher’s or parent’s request. Teachers may be provided with release-time. Often a mid-year review is also scheduled.