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Central Okanagan School District
SD No. 23
Together We Learn
Family Life


Family Life Education classes address different topics in each grade level. In the younger grades, Family Life teachers professionally and factually discuss the physical  and emotional changes that the children can expect as they approach puberty. In the higher grades, topics are expanded to include adolescent sexuality, decision making, and life-affecting issues common to young people.


Family Life Program Goals
1.  To provide students in grades 4 through 10 with the opportunity to receive accurate, relevant, and updated information on adolescent sexuality based on the “Healthy Living Prescribed Learning Outcomes” from the BC Health and Career Education (gr.4-9) and Planning 10 curriculum.
2.   Students will gain knowledge necessary to make informed choices about their sexual health and safety, and will develop an awareness of the consequences of their choices for themselves and others.
3.   Family Life teachers will create a comfortable, safe, and respectful coeducational classroom climate for students to enable discussion of a range of sensitive topics dealing with adolescent sexuality and relationships.


In 2014-2015 three School District Family Life teachers present content to students in grades 4 through 10.

    • Grade 4 students receive 1 lesson of 1.25 hours of instruction.
    • Grade 5 students receive 2 lesssons of 1.5 hours of instruction each.
    • Grade 6 students receive 3 lessons for approximately 3.5 hours total .
    • Grades 7-9 students receive 4 lessons 75 minutes of instruction each.
    • Grade 10's will have 1 lesson this year of 1.25 hours and the remainder will be taught in their grade 11 year.