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Secondary School Apprenticeship


What is Secondary School Apprenticeship (SSA)?

The Secondary School Apprenticeship (SSA) program is a work-based training program that gives students the opportunity to earn secondary school credits for their on-the-job work experience in an apprenticeable trade.  This requires a student to be working with a certified tradesperson who is willing to sponsor the student as an apprentice.  All work-based training hours accumulated through this program can be reported to the Industry Training Authority (ITA) for apprenticeship hours.


Jump Start your career and your graduation

By participating in a Secondary School Apprenticeship program a student may commence working in the trade, earn up to 16 high school credits when they have a formal Industry Training Authority (ITA) agreement signed by their employer and receive a Secondary School Apprenticeship certificate upon graduation.  Many students elect to devote one entire semester in grade twelve to their apprenticeship. Students get "hands on" learning and experience in their chosen field. Student may be eligible for a $1000 Scholarship once they; complete the full 480 hours during high school, stay active in the trade for up to 5 months past graduation, and have at least 900 hours reported to the ITA by 5 months past high school graduation.


How does the SSA Program work?

    • Students complete work hours at their afternoon, evening and/or weekend positions with their employer sponsor.

    • Students learn trade-specific skills from their sponsor on-the-job.

    • The student and sponsor (with the support of the SD No.23 SSA Coordinator) track and report hours and progress throughout the program.

    • The SSA Coordinator will work with the sponor to evaluate the student's progress and assign secondary school credits as required.


How do I apply?

Students must have an employer who is willing to sponsor you as an apprentice before applying.  Application Packages are available at your school's Career Centre or by clicking on the link below.
Completed packages can be submitted through your school's Career Centre.  You will be expected to participate in an interview conducted by the SSA District Coordinator. The Coordinator will arrange to meet with your employer to discuss the program and complete the necessary paperwork.

Dual Credit Application 2013_1.pdf


SSA Scholarship?

Students who successfully complete the SSA program may be eligible for a $1000 scholarship from the Ministry of Education, in cooperation with the Industry Training Authority (ITA).  Students must meet the following criteria to be eligible:

    • Have graduated with a Grade 12 Dogwood or Adult Dogwood.

    • Successfully complete the full 480 work-based training hours

    • Received credits for SSA 11A, 11B, 12A and 12B.

    • Maintain a C+ average on all Grade 12 numbered courses.

    • Continue working or training full-time in the trade 5 months after secondary school graduation and have 900 hours reported to the ITA.

More info...

If you have any questions about the SSA program, please contact...

Bob Boback
District Dual Credit/SSA Coordinator

School District No. 23 - Central Okanagan
1040 Hollywood Road - Kelowna BC
(250) 860 9729 ext. 4273