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ACE-IT Programs


What is ACE-IT? (Accelerated Credit Enrollment in Industry Training)

ACE IT programs are Entry Level Trades Training (ELTT) programs.  Through an ACE IT program, students can learn a trade that will give them both high school graduation credits and a head start towards completion of a recognized apprenticeship program.  Examples of ELTT programs are Carpentry, Plumbing, Welding, Electrical and Culinary Arts to name only a few.


Program Format


ACE IT programs are developed and offered as partnerships between school districts and post-secondary institutions, and classes are often taught at college campuses. Local employers also get involved in the development of ACE IT programs, and students who complete these programs typically have very good success in finding employment.


District ACE-IT Programs

School District No. 23 - Central Okanagan ACE-IT programs:

Partnership Programs List_rev3.pdf


How do students benefit?

  • ACE-IT introduces high school students to selected trades training programs in British Columbia.
  • Students enrolled in an ACE-IT programs receive their post-secondary trades technical training tuition free.
  • Depending on their program choice, ACE-IT Students can earn up to 48 high school credits and post-secondary institute credits. Most ACE IT programs provide the student with the ability to earn 32 grade 12 credits towards graduation.  Upon successful completion of an ACE-IT program, students receive Level I technical training credit from the Industry Training Authority (ITA).

Student Eligibility


When determining the eligibility of a student for the ACE IT program, the following eligibility criteria must be met:

• Students must be aged 19 and under and not yet achieved Ministry of Education graduation;
• Students must complete the ACE-IT program prior to reaching the age of 20;
• Students must be registered for an approved ACE IT program prior to graduation; and
• Students must complete the ACE IT program within 3 months after their grade 12 graduation date.


ACE-IT Work Experience

Work experience placements are usually (but not always) a part of an ACE-IT program – for more information about specific ACE-IT programs, check with your School Career Teacher contact. If students participate in ACE-IT Work Experience, they will get credit towards the on-the-job component of their Technical Training program as well.


Students that successfully complete an ACE -IT program  typically get credit for their level one technical training (in-class) component of their chosen trades's training program prior to graduating from high school.  Each training level is composed of technical training (in school) and work based training (hours on the job).  For a list of trades training requirements see the ITA Red Seal Trades.


If you have any questions about an ACE-IT program, please contact...


Bob Boback
Dual Credit Coordinator

School District No. 23 - Central Okanagan
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