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News Releases
NR_Playground_closing.pdfMarch 23, 2020NR_Playground_closing
NR_Strategic_Planning.pdfMarch 11, 2020NR_Strategic_Planning
NR_Transportation_Decision.pdfFebruary 27, 2020NR_Transportation_Decision
News Release - Equity in Action Signing Ceremony.pdfFebruary 19, 2020News Release - Equity in Action Signing Ceremony
NR_PFTabling.pdfFebruary 7, 2020NR_PFTabling
NR_TSCRecommendations.pdfJan. 31, 2020NR_TSCRecommendations
NR_TransportationSurvey2Results.pdfjan 10 2020NR_TransportationSurvey2Results
NR_InnovativeTeamPassesDragonsDenTest.pdfNovember 8, 2019NR_InnovativeTeamPassesDragonsDenTest
News Release Transportation Consultation.pdfOctober 11, 2019News Release Transportation Consultation
World Suicide Prevention Day - September 10, 2019.pdfSeptember 10, 2019World Suicide Prevention Day - September 10, 2019
Celebrate World Teachers' Day - October 5, 2019.pdfOctober 4, 2019Celebrate World Teachers' Day - October 5, 2019
McCurdy Road Facility.pdfJuly 19, 2019McCurdy Road Facility
H.S. Grenda Middle School Community Presentation.pdfMarch 1, 2019H.S. Grenda Middle School Community Presentation
Board of Education Supports Parent Advisory Councils.pdfJanuary 10, 2019Board of Education Supports Parent Advisory Councils
Name the New Middle School in Lake Country.pdfSeptember 11, 2018Name the New Middle School in Lake Country
Trustee Candidate Information Meeting 2018.pdfAugust 24, 2018Trustee Candidate Information Meeting 2018
NR_HabitatForHumanity.pdfMarch 15, 2017NR_HabitatForHumanity
NR_DodgeballTournament.pdfMay 2, 2017NR_DodgeballTournament
NR_KLOHumanLibrary.pdfMay 8, 2017NR_KLOHumanLibrary
News Release - Larry Paul Retirement.pdfOctober 18, 2017News Release - Larry Paul Retirement
World Teachers' Day Message 2017.pdfOctober 5, 2017World Teachers' Day Message 2017
NR_RSS_FernbraeProject.pdfMay 19, 2017NR_RSS_FernbraeProject
Flooding Affecting School Bus Stops.pdfMay 7, 2017Flooding Affecting School Bus Stops
Central Okanagan School Projects Move Forward.pdfMarch 22, 2017Central Okanagan School Projects Move Forward
Canada's Outstanding Principal - Alida Privett.pdfJanuary 31, 2017Canada's Outstanding Principal - Alida Privett
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