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Assembly/All School Ideas
  • Create a ​human library at your school Human Library DRE.pdf
  • ​​​Show a video from the video resource list.
  • Have students read one of the books from the book resource list.  Scan the pictures in for the big screen.
  • Have students share what they think the message of the book is.
  • Have students write stories or non-fiction on the theme of Harmony and Diversity and share them.
  • Have st​udents write skits showing what accepting others' differences looks like. Perform them.
  • Record a lip-dubbed video of your students singing a popular song on the theme of "Harmony"
  • Put together a slide show high​lighting different cultures represented in your school
  • Have students share what makes their culture, background, family or heritage special.  Include pictures for each child.
  • Show student created videos promoting harmony.
  • Show a slideshow of student created posters.
  • Act out a book like "One" or "The Sneetches" or "The Butter Battle Book"
  • Have a bulletin board in the foyer to advertise the assembly, with art work, poetry and/or stories promoting diversity and inclusion.
  • Prior to the assembly, have a pancake breakfast with white/black/red etc. stars on the pancakes to symbolize diverse groups living in harmony
  • "Random Acts of Kindness" done every day for a week prior.  Show a video of a selection of them at the assembly.​​ 
  • Show a slide show featuring food and students on a "Multicultural Dress-Up" day earlier in the week.  Have a number of songs from different cultures playing in the background.
  • "Fill Your Bucket" day: Read "Have You Filled a Bucket Today?" to school and have students give compliments (on a bulletin board, on paper on desks, online, etc.), acts of kindness, encouragement, recognition, etc.
  • Have a week-long contest where students guess at which language the word 'love' is being spoken in.  Award prizes at the assembly
  • Students learn a short Harmony Day dance to be done as an action break during the assembly
  • Create a banner of stars which students pass by on their way to the assembly.  Each student signs their star which says "Everyone belongs at RVE"
  • Students share their experiences volunteering overseas.
  • ​​Students sign paper hearts and put a comment telling what they are proud of about themselves.  The hearts form a bigger heart which is displayed in the assembly.
  • Students dance to a song such as "You are Beautiful Just the Way You Are."
  • 25 Random Acts of Kindness Campaign
  • Make an "On the Street" interview video: What Does Harmony Day mean to you?
  • Share a slide show from an International Tea earlier in the week where students and parents set up tables representing their countries and share tea/snacks from their country.  An international student once told a Springvalley principal that a visit isn't a true visit unless tea is served!  Have tables and chairs set up so the community can connect socially during the tea.
  • Set up an online forum (monitored) where students can compliment and encourage each other.
  • Note from Springvalley Middle:  We are actually doing Harmony Day in a big way this year. We have cancelled regular classes and are putting on a school-wide student conference. Of course, cultural diversity will be prominently featured, but we also want to talk about the other social issues that affect student harmony: poverty, sexual identity, religion, body image, mental health, etc – all those things that impact a student’s sense of belonging.

    We are also partnering with Just Be Friends Kids ( to pilot a middle school program (the kick off will be on Harmony Day) in which we have monthly student challenges based around a certain theme. For example, students will be challenged to complete “acts of gratitude” or “acts of selflessness” etc. We are hoping this will keep the lessons from Harmony Day in the forefront all year long. It should be a great day​.