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harmonykids.pngAn idea for SD23 was sparked when a colleague decided to take her children to visit an Australian school during a trip to Australia (only a teacher would visit a school when on a holiday!).  It just so happened to be Harmony Day on this visit and what she and her children witnessed serves as our inspiration today! Harmony Day in Australia is celebrated nationally on the 21st of March each year and is about bringing people together to promote Australian values and to celebrate community participation. "It is a day to understand and commit to the benefits of living in a country that embraces common values of respect, fairness, participation, acceptance and a fair go for all."

We hope this website is a valuable tool which provides opportunities for schools to get involved from whole school events to classroom lessons to links for individuals to follow.

Harmony Day also fits with a variety of other SD23 and community events, such as the Central Okanagan Youth Social Justice Forum conference, events planned for Kelowna’s Global Citizenship week, the Youth Ambassador Diversity Program and SD 23's Education Week.

After the day is over, please share stories, lesson ideas, favourite websites and photos of your day with the Harmony Day committee through the link provided on this website. 

Harmony Day provides an opportunity for schools to work with the themes of the day on a variety of levels. Our suggestion is for schools to focus – to take the day to explore one issue that is relevant to your school in detail, rather than taking a “broad brush” approach.