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Non-Teaching (Support Staff) FAQ


Question.jpgIs there a fee to use Make a Future - Careers in BC Education?
Answer.jpgThere is no fee to register or to create your application portfolio. Previously, Apply to Education (a private company that provides the technology behind the e-courier service) charged a $12 fee to E-courier your application portfolio to unlimited jobs with one School Board. This fee was discontinued on February 1, 2011.  

Question.jpgWill there be the same level of service after the fee is eliminated?
Answer.jpgApplicants who register after February 1, 2011 will not have access to the single application system.  Applicants will have to create a new application for every school district for which they wish to apply.  They will also have to create a separate account for each school district.  The change will not affect the level of service offered to current applicants who have purchased job credits.

 Question.jpgHow do I know if the School District received my application?
Answer.jpgOnce you click the Apply button, your application is sent to the specific posting.  A copy of the posting will appear in your Job Application Log indicating you have applied successfully.  You will also receive a confirmation email.

Question.jpgAre all of my supporting documents attached to my application properly?
Answer.jpgLook in the Review Portfolio section of your Portfolio to see your complete application, as the employer sees it. 
If you have problems attaching documents due to the size, try the suggestions provided by the makeafuture customer service department.
  • scan in black and white instead of colour
  • ensure that your target image is set to be either 8.5" x 11" or 8.5"  x 14" to match the legal or letter page sizes
  • scan at a low resolution (150 - 300 dpi)
  • if your documents are multiple pages, scan each page into a separate file and upload each page separately
  • if you have the option, save your scanned files in the PDF file format
  • in addition, ensure your file is saved as one of the accepted file formats [(*GIF), (*PNG), (*BMP), (*TIF), (*JPEG) or (*PDF)
  • You may contact makeafuture directly at or 1-866-806-6851 to resolve your scanning difficulties

Question.jpgHow do I apply for specific jobs?
Answer.jpgCreate your application first in Search under the Find a Job heading. Select the position category (eg. support staff).  Select Okanagan, and School District 23 in the School Boards section; click Search at the bottom of the page; click on the posting of interest and scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the Apply button.  You will receive a confirmation and that job will be in your Job Application Log.

Question.jpgHow can I update my application?
Answer.jpgYou have the option to replace pages, or delete them under the Supporting Documents section of your application.  You can also update your contact information in your portfolio.  The employer will always see the latest version.

Question.jpgCan I send my supporting documents directly to the School District?
Answer.jpgNo.  The School District is not able to attach your documents to your online application and does not store unsolicited applications.

Question.jpgI applied to an ongoing posting.  That posting no longer appears when I look at the job postings.
Answer.jpgOnce you apply for a posting, it is stored in the Job Posting Log in the Job Postings heading of your portfolio.  You can only apply once to a specific category.  When the employer searches for all applicants who have applied for that specific category, your application will be among them.

Question.jpgI have created a non-teaching application, but am a qualified teacher.  Will I be considered for both categories?
Answer.jpgYou will need to create a new account as a teacher.   

Question.jpgHow do I withdraw my application?
Answer.jpgIf you are no longer looking for a job, change your application so you are not visible to the school boards you selected.  You can do this by logging into your account; go to "Who Can View my Portfolio?"; de-select the work types (FT, PT, CT, Occasional).  You may change your visibility with the school board(s) as often as you like.

Question.jpgWhat does "Powered by applytoeducation" mean?
Answer.jpgThis means that applicants who have already created an account on the applytoeducation website can use their username and password to log into Make  a Future - Careers in BC Education ( and vice-versa).  The BC public school postings are available on both websites.

Question.jpgHow do I contact the Make a Future customer service department? 
Answer.jpgYou can phone toll free at 1-866-806-6851 or email


Question.jpg Why am I getting new alerts for postings that I previously applied for?

Answer.jpg Every 60 days, Make a Future updates all postings to keep them current.  Check if the posting has the same job code number and if it is ongoing. If it is the same one that was previously posted,you do not have to apply for it again.