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Board of Education

​​​In School District No. 23, the Board is composed of seven elected citizens. Trustee elections are held every four years in conjunction with municipal elections.  The next election is in October 2022.

Board of Education 2018-2022
Moyra Baxter
Norah Bowman
Wayne Broughton *
Chantelle Desrosiers
Julia Fraser
Amy Geistlinger
Lee-Ann Tiede
*Trustee Broughton's term began on July 13, 2021 as a result of the by-election held in June 2021.

To communicate with the Board, please send correspondence to:
Moyra Baxter, Chairperson
Board of Education
School District No. 23 (Central Okanagan)
1040 Hollywood Rd S.
Kelowna, B.C.   V1X 4N2 
Fax: 250 860-9799
Phone: The Secretary-Treasurer's Office
250 470-3216

The Board Chairperson is Moyra Baxter.  The Board Chairperson is an Ex-officio Member of all Board Committees.
To communicate directly with the Board Chairperson, please email

The Vice-Chairperson's position rotates.  The Board Vice-Chairperson Chairs the General Affairs Board Standing Committee.
The current Board Vice-Chairperson is Chantelle Desrosiers. 

To contact individual trustees, visit the School Trustees page.


Board Meetings

At public Board meetings, the Board makes decisions regarding governance and policies that guide our School District.  These meetings are open to the public and the news media.
Regular public Board meetings are held on the second and fourth Wednesday of each month, except for July, August and the fourth Wednesday in March and December.  Unless otherwise advertised, Board meetings are held in the Board Room at 1040 Hollywood Road S., Kelowna, starting at 6 PM.  

Board Committees

Currently, the Board has five standing committees:
General Affairs
Education and Student Services
Finance and Audit
Planning and Facilities
The Board has representation on the following District Committees:
Indigenous Education Council
Early Years Partnership
Employee Wellness Sub-Committee
Health Promoting Schools
Human Rights
Public Education Awareness​​       
Safe Schools
Suspension Review
The Board has representation on the following Committees/Organizations/Agencies:
Central Okanagan Early Years Partnership
(CATCH (Community Action Toward Children's Health) has merged with Success by 6)
West Kelowna Traffic Safety Committee